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Protect our collective bargaining gains through political action

Click Here to Download the V-CAP Card.

Our union's V-CAP checkoff is a voluntary program that lets members make a modest contribution each month to help the union support candidates who care about American workers and their jobs.
By law, union dues can't be used to support candidates in federal elections or, in an ever-increasing number of states, any candidate for public office. Ironically, the same law that restricts how union dues can be spent also allows management to contribute to PACs (political action committees). Many PACs consist of anti-labor, right-wing organizations that are out to weaken and destroy unions.
Our only means of monetary support for many labor-endorsed candidates is voluntary political contributions, which are put into the union's political action fund: UAW V-CAP. The goal of V-CAP is to protect our collective bargaining gains through political action.
The UAW has negotiated with many employers, including The New School and NYU, the right to a bargaining unit checkoff for its members. All an ACT-UAW member has to do is sign a checkoff card, which instructs the employer to deduct the amount that the member has selected. A $1 per month contribution amounts to less than a nickel a day, a $3 per month donation is only a dime a day, and so on; it might not sound like much, but when you count our members it adds up to a much-needed campaign fund.
If you would like to make a monthly contribution to V-CAP, sign and mail the V-CAP card (click the link above).

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