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ACT-UAW is staffed almost entirely by volunteers. The easiest way to become a volunteer and help is by joining a committee:
CAP COMMITTEE is the political action arm of our local. We work to promote the interests of our membership through community action and involvement in the local, state, and national scene. We support candidates with a pro-labor agenda as well as working to further legislation that benefits causes we support such as unemployment insurance.

COMMUNICATIONS COMMITTEE is responsible for getting out our local's message to the membership. The committee produces the Fall and Spring newsletter and manages this website. We need artists and writers to produce posters and flyers for bulletin boards and we need a person to update our website.

ELECTION COMMITTEE formulates the rules and runs our Local's elections. We are active mainly during the months preceding and following each election. The committee welcomes new members; if you are interested, please join us - we need you.

DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE builds skills for a strong, unified membership. For leadership within the Local we train Shop Stewards and membership for upcoming contract negotiations. For the general membership, we provide workshops to apprise them of their rights, the history of organized labor, how it benefits them at work, and how they can develop and expand their own skills at organizing.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE works to keep members' engaged with our union. We plan events such as the Part-Time Faculty Convocation and events showcasing the achievements of our membership and/or promoting discussion of issues central to higher education and academic labor. We are recruiting.

About our other committees: The UAW Constitution establishes other standing committees, including Constitution and Bylaws, and Civil Rights. We are also free to create committees focused on specific activities, and welcome your participation in this area - contact us at

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